OpenHarmony的性能调试工具strace 原创

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  • 安装编译环境

    sudo apt-get install gcc-arm-linux-gnueabi
  • 编译

    export CC=arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc
    export CFLAGS=-static
    export CPPFLAGS=-static
    export LDFLAGS='-static -pthread'
     ./configure CC=arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc CXX=arm-linux-gnueabi-cpp  LD=arm-linux-gnueabi-ld RANLIB=arm-linux-gnueabi-ranlib --host=arm-linux --target=arm-linux --enable-mpers=no 
    arm-linux-gnueabi-strip strace
  • 运行测试

    hdc_std.exe shell mount -o rw,remount /
    hdc_std.exe file send strace /system/bin
    hdc_std.exe shell chmod +x /system/bin/strace
    hdc_std.exe shell
    # strace --help
    Usage: strace [-ACdffhiqqrtttTvVwxxyyzZ] [-I N] [-b execve] [-e EXPR]...
                  [-a COLUMN] [-o FILE] [-s STRSIZE] [-X FORMAT] [-P PATH]...
                  [-p PID]... [--seccomp-bpf]
                  { -p PID | [-DDD] [-E VAR=VAL]... [-u USERNAME] PROG [ARGS] }
       or: strace -c[dfwzZ] [-I N] [-b execve] [-e EXPR]... [-O OVERHEAD]
                  [-S SORTBY] [-P PATH]... [-p PID]... [--seccomp-bpf]
                  { -p PID | [-DDD] [-E VAR=VAL]... [-u USERNAME] PROG [ARGS] }
      -e EXPR        a qualifying expression: OPTION=[!]all or OPTION=[!]VAL1[,VAL2]...
         options:    trace, abbrev, verbose, raw, signal, read, write, fault,
                     inject, status, kvm
      -E VAR=VAL, --env=VAR=VAL
                     put VAR=VAL in the environment for command
      -E VAR, --env=VAR
                     remove VAR from the environment for command
      -p PID, --attach=PID
                     trace process with process id PID, may be repeated
      -u USERNAME, --user=USERNAME
                     run command as USERNAME handling setuid and/or setgid
      -b execve, --detach-on=execve
                     detach on execve syscall
      -D             run tracer process as a grandchild, not as a parent
      -DD            run tracer process in a separate process group
      -DDD           run tracer process in a separate session
      -f             follow forks
      -ff            follow forks with output into separate files
         1:          no signals are blocked
         2:          fatal signals are blocked while decoding syscall (default)
         3:          fatal signals are always blocked (default if '-o FILE PROG')
         4:          fatal signals and SIGTSTP (^Z) are always blocked
                     (useful to make 'strace -o FILE PROG' not stop on ^Z)
      -e trace=[!]{[?]SYSCALL[@64|@32|@x32]|[?]/REGEX|GROUP|all|none},
                     trace only specified syscalls.
         groups:     %creds, %desc, %file, %fstat, %fstatfs %ipc, %lstat,
                     %memory, %net, %process, %pure, %signal, %stat, %%stat,
                     %statfs, %%statfs
      -e signal=SET, --signal=SET
                     trace only the specified set of signals
                     print only the signals from SET
      -e status=SET, --status=SET
                     print only system calls with the return statuses in SET
         statuses:   successful, failed, unfinished, unavailable, detached
      -P PATH, --trace-path=PATH
                     trace accesses to PATH
      -z             print only syscalls that returned without an error code
      -Z             print only syscalls that returned with an error code
    Output format:
      -a COLUMN, --columns=COLUMN
                     alignment COLUMN for printing syscall results (default 40)
      -e abbrev=SET, --abbrev=SET
                     abbreviate output for the syscalls in SET
      -e verbose=SET, --verbose=SET
                     dereference structures for the syscall in SET
      -e raw=SET, --raw=SET
                     print undecoded arguments for the syscalls in SET
      -e read=SET, --read=SET
                     dump the data read from the file descriptors in SET
      -e write=SET, --write=SET
                     dump the data written to the file descriptors in SET
      -e kvm=vcpu, --kvm=vcpu
                     print exit reason of kvm vcpu
      -i, --instruction-pointer
                     print instruction pointer at time of syscall
      -o FILE, --output=FILE
                     send trace output to FILE instead of stderr
      -A, --output-append-mode
                     open the file provided in the -o option in append mode
      -q             suppress messages about attaching, detaching, etc.
      -qq            suppress messages about process exit status as well.
      -r             print relative timestamp
      -s STRSIZE, --string-limit=STRSIZE
                     limit length of print strings to STRSIZE chars (default 32)
      -t             print absolute timestamp
      -tt            print absolute timestamp with usecs
      -ttt           print absolute UNIX time with usecs
      -T             print time spent in each syscall
      -v, --no-abbrev
                     verbose mode: print entities unabbreviated
      -x             print non-ascii strings in hex
      -xx            print all strings in hex
      -X FORMAT      set the FORMAT for printing of named constants and flags
         formats:    raw, abbrev, verbose
      -y             print paths associated with file descriptor arguments
      -yy            print protocol specific information associated with socket
                     file descriptors
      -c, --summary-only
                     count time, calls, and errors for each syscall and report
      -C, --summary  like -c, but also print the regular output
      -O OVERHEAD    set overhead for tracing syscalls to OVERHEAD usecs
      -S SORTBY, --summary-sort-by=SORTBY
                     sort syscall counts by: time, calls, errors, name, nothing
                     (default time)
      -w             summarise syscall latency (default is system time)
      -e inject=SET[:error=ERRNO|:retval=VALUE][:signal=SIG][:syscall=SYSCALL]
                     perform syscall tampering for the syscalls in SET
         delay:      milliseconds or NUMBER{s|ms|us|ns}
         when:       FIRST, FIRST+, or FIRST+STEP
      -e fault=SET[:error=ERRNO][:when=WHEN], --fault=SET[:error=ERRNO][:when=WHEN]
                     synonym for -e inject with default ERRNO set to ENOSYS.
      -d, --debug    enable debug output to stderr
      -h, --help     print help message
      --seccomp-bpf  enable seccomp-bpf filtering
      -V, --version  print version


  • 简单说说strace的典型场景:

    • 进程统计:针对某个运行高cpu消耗的进程,进行监控统计,什么操作耗时多?后台在做什么事?统计出来高消耗的系统操作
    # top
    Tasks: 243 total,   2 running, 237 sleeping,   0 stopped,   4 zombie
      Mem:  1992724K total,  1501188K used,   491536K free,   1830912 buffers
     Swap:  1048572K total,         0 used,  1048572K free,   683260K cached
    400%cpu 125%user   1%nice  70%sys 202%idle   0%iow   0%irq   2%sirq   0%host
      PID USER         PR  NI VIRT  RES  SHR S[%CPU] %MEM     TIME+ ARGS
      555 graphics     -2  -8 150M  62M  45M S 72.4   3.1 895:19.80 render_service
      539 composer_ho+ -2  -8  17M 4.9M 3.8M S 23.2   0.2 282:37.59 composer_host           9 composer_host -8 1
      247 logd         20   0  16M 4.9M 2.3M S 12.2   0.2 167:45.62 hilogd
    14516 root          0 -20    0    0    0 I  3.3   0.0   0:07.05 [kworker/u9:1-kbase_pm_poweroff_wait]
    14587 root         25   5  14M 3.0M 2.6M R  2.9   0.1   0:00.12 top
      178 root         RT   0    0    0    0 S  2.3   0.0  36:26.03 [sugov:0]
    # strace -cp 555
    strace: Process 555 attached
    strace: Process 555 detached
    % time     seconds  usecs/call     calls    errors syscall
    ------ ----------- ----------- --------- --------- ----------------
     22.34    0.456649          22     20705           clock_gettime64
     20.30    0.415126          66      6201           ioctl
     16.03    0.327786          45      7236           writev
     10.87    0.222298          31      7006           close
      7.24    0.148065          18      7855           gettid
      5.90    0.120715          58      2058       168 futex
      3.65    0.074596          22      3296           dup
      2.76    0.056384          68       825           munmap
      2.27    0.046345          55       828           write
      1.93    0.039523          27      1442           poll
      1.64    0.033546          40       824           mmap2
      1.49    0.030400          36       828           fcntl64
      1.40    0.028689          34       824           prctl
      0.80    0.016341          36       447       206 read
      0.50    0.010236          24       412           _llseek
      0.46    0.009408          45       207           madvise
      0.36    0.007341          35       206           epoll_pwait
      0.05    0.001017        1017         1           restart_syscall
    ------ ----------- ----------- --------- --------- ----------------
    100.00    2.044465                 61201       374 total
    • 跟进分析:通过「T」选项可以获取操作实际消耗的时间,通过「e」选项可以跟踪某个操作
    # strace -T -e clock_gettime64 -p 555
    strace: Process 555 attached
    clock_gettime64(CLOCK_MONOTONIC, {tv_sec=89616, tv_nsec=627412894}) = 0 <0.000037>
    clock_gettime64(CLOCK_MONOTONIC, {tv_sec=89616, tv_nsec=627777769}) = 0 <0.000149>
    clock_gettime64(CLOCK_REALTIME, {tv_sec=1702433139, tv_nsec=94341493}) = 0 <0.000047>
    clock_gettime64(CLOCK_MONOTONIC, {tv_sec=89616, tv_nsec=628287311}) = 0 <0.000042>
    clock_gettime64(CLOCK_MONOTONIC, {tv_sec=89616, tv_nsec=628442478}) = 0 <0.000038>
    clock_gettime64(CLOCK_MONOTONIC, {tv_sec=89616, tv_nsec=628586853}) = 0 <0.000039>
    clock_gettime64(CLOCK_MONOTONIC, {tv_sec=89616, tv_nsec=628774978}) = 0 <0.000037>
    clock_gettime64(CLOCK_MONOTONIC, {tv_sec=89616, tv_nsec=629033978}) = 0 <0.000039>
    clock_gettime64(CLOCK_MONOTONIC, {tv_sec=89616, tv_nsec=629318936}) = 0 <0.000041>
    clock_gettime64(CLOCK_MONOTONIC, {tv_sec=89616, tv_nsec=629491020}) = 0 <0.000039>


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